Yes, however, certain precautions should be taken with electronics if you move out during the cold winter months. Just let them sit for a few hours to warm up to room temperature prior to use.
All of our storage units have fitted roll-up garage doors to ensure the elements don't get inside.
Customers can have access to their storage units at any time during our business hours. As an extra security measure we do have an alarm system that is activated after hours.
Only for as long as you need it. You set the term. Easy renewal options make it possible to extend your time if you need it.
You are only charged for the month you move in plus a $20.00 one time fee and we don't collect rent for the last month in advance.
We don't insure your property.
This is important since we know you wish to make the most efficient use of the space you rent. You will want to calculate cubic feet when considering how much space you will need to stack boxes, etc. Our standard storage units have a ceiling height of 9 feet while our climate-controlled buildings feature 10 foot ceilings.
We have a pest control company coming in on a regular basis to help assure that rodents are kept under control.
We do not permit the storage of food, gasoline, combustibles or contraband.
You may purchase a lock at our counter when you rent your unit.

We Prohibit the storage of

  • Gasoline, oil, fuel, grease, paint or flammables
  • Explosives, fireworks or ammunition
  • Corrosive, toxic or hazardous materials
  • Controlled substances or alcoholic beverages
  • Animals, Food, or Perishables